Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mile High City!

A few weeks ago, I had to travel to Denver for a training conference for my work. Somehow I talked Jess into tagging along with me, so we made the LONG 8-hour drive out there and made a little vacation out of it!

We did lots of sight-seeing and even went and did a session at the LDS temple in Denver.

On the way home from Denver, we took the long scenic route, which made our trip pretty fun! We went through Veil, CO; Grand Junction, CO; then down through Green River, UT; and made a stop in Manti to see our favorite temple and watch the Manti pageant with my cousins.
All in all - we had a great time together.... especially because the trip was FREE! =)


Adam & Michelle Gooch said...

What a fun trip! Adam is from we get to go there every's so pretty! And that drive through Vail is SO pretty! And we lived in Grand Junction :) So we know that trip all to well...looks like you had fun! AND...that temple is super pretty huh!

scott and jessica doman said...

that looks like fun! u guys r so cute. did u love youth conf?