Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Blessings of the Temple

At a recent visit to the temple last week, I had some experiences that strengthened my testimony beyond description. I felt the impression to post this to my blog, for anyone who desires to go to the temple or hasn't been in awhile. Going to the temple has helped our small family bring the spirit of the Lord into our home and I am so grateful that we have the blessing of having a temple so close.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dickson's at their finest

Here's the latest and greatest, Dickson family photos. Jess' cousin Natalie took these pictures for the whole fam right before Christmas. Here's a few and if you were wondering, yes Jess has a big family. Ten kids to be exact, plus spouses and 7 grandkids and 2 on the way.

the girls.

the boys.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Triple the Funny Monday's!

OK I know I have been THE WORST at posting my Funny Monday's the last few weeks, I promise I am working on that. In the meantime, here are 3 funny clips to get you through the remainder of the week. First two are of my sweet nephew Ty, he would make the noise only when someone would put their hand by his mouth - he is so funny! Off camera, he kept trying to figure out how to do it himself, he would put his hand up by his mouth and make the noise! He's one smart kid! Have a great week!!!

Isn't my nephew precious? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! =) This video makes me miss him...

I'm posting this because I had a blonde moment last night while cooking. It's almost too embarrassing to admit. I was in a hurry to get dinner in the oven before Jess got home and I was making chicken enchiladas. Long story short, five minutes before I had to take the dish out of the oven, I realized I had forgotten to add an ingredient - the chicken! haha - made for a very interesting dinner last night, and a great memory of Jess and I laughing together that we can share =) Jess and I are going to see Brian Regan in March, FRONT ROW baby! Can't wait!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

December in a Nutshell

Wow! Haven't been in the blogging world for awhile now! Sorry friends! December was a definite run around for the little Dickson family. We tried playing the 25 days of Christmas game last month... but it just didn't work out. It has been nice to spend so much time together lately being that I took a break from school for one semester to try and enjoy life for a breath or two... but I start back up to school on Feb. 3rd and I'll be tied down with that 4 nights a week, plus an online class! So my schedule will be booked! But don't worry - if you were hoping to book a photo shoot with me sometime in the near future - I have plenty of minutes and weekends I can squeeze time in for those - they are what make me tick! Here's our fun Christmas month in a hunch:

Every year for the past four years now, my sisters, my mom, and I have gone to the Forgotten Carols together. Last year McKinli and I had our hubby's tag along, but it has always been a favorite tradition of mine. Not to mention my mom gets us front row tickets every year! If you haven't been before - I totally recommend it! This play really gets you into the Christmas spirit and helps to remind you of the whole meaning behind Christmas.
(I know I have the weirdest look in this pic, I think Jess was stepping on my boots when this picture was snapped! ha!) Jess and I went to a Low-Dough Christmas show with our friends Jessica and Dan who invited us. It was at the Energy Solutions arena and Phil Vassar, Bomshel, and Bucky Covington entertained us for the night. We had a blast!!!!!!!!!!! Phil Vassar is a great entertainer, I'm not entirely a fan of Bucky Covington, but the Bomshel girls were amazing - they have got some serious talent! And did I mention we had 3rd row from the stage.... so dang fun!!!

Bomshel Ladies

Bucky (who looks like a lady. Seriously, for all you Bucky fans out there, he is one weird duck.)

And then there's the wonderful Phil Vassar! Even if you're not a country fan, I'm positive that every one of you knows one of his songs. He's written many songs for artists like Phil Collins and Tim McGraw. And yes - he is standing on top of his zebra-print piano - he was so fun to watch!

We also made Gingerbread houses with our good friends Brandon and Jen - two years now we've done this with them and it's so much fun with those two! (yes that is me WATCHING Jess make our house, he was very..... meticulous... about how we made the siding... I guess its a guy-thing)
We also went to lots of fun Christmas parties with our families but I failed to take pictures at all of them. We spent Christmas Eve with my mom and sisters, Christmas morning just the two of us, Christmas Day with Jess' family, and the day after Christmas with my dad's family. All in all - December treated us well. I got Jess some front row tickets to Brian Regan (comedian who I always post Funny Monday's from) and I took him on a fun little get-away the weekend after Christmas to Lava Hot Springs. Jess got me some fun excerise equipment (don't worry ladies, I asked him for it) and some Chaoco sandles! We hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season! BRING ON THE FUN MEMORIES in 2010!