Thursday, December 17, 2009

True Meaning of Christmas

I know I have a lot of playing catch up on my blog to do - it sure has been a crazy Christmas season so far. I promise I will update all of you on our fun-outings this weekend! But I wanted to reflect on the true meaning behind the season. I don't tend to share my personal feelings on here too often because special moments in my life are ones that I like to keep near and dear to my heart, I really don't like to publicize them or share them with too many people. Even though I know I should, because there are many people who I know I could touch their hearts by sharing my testimony, feelings, and experiences with. I have had a lot of tender moments recently where I have realized how much I have been given, and the little amount of gratitude I have shown. I have also come to realize how lucky I have been to help others in times of need. For some reason, this year has been so different for me. I haven't even thought once about what I want for Christmas. All I have thought about is what I can give. And to be honest, I haven't even thought about giving presents. It's more about giving my time. Helping at a shelter. Donating food, clothes, anything to all of the poor, homeless people I have to drive past every cold morning on my way to work. It's a constant battle to keep my composure and emotions under control on the way to the office each morning. I feel so bad for those people who are struggling, and I wish I could help each and every one of them. I have had such a strong desire to help those who are struggling to make ends meet, especially during the holidays. If it's a load of groceries, an annoymous amount of money, a simple smile, a letter, my testimony, anything to help brighten someones day. That is the true meaning of this holiday season. To celebrate Christ by being Christ-like. Here's a poem that I found while working on my Young Women's christmas lesson this week, I hope it helps each of you get in the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas everyone!!

If The Savior Came to Visit You
by Donna Green
If the Savior came to visit you for just a day or two,
Would you be really comfortable with all the things you do?
Would everything within your home go on the same old way?
Or would you have to change your ways during the Savior's stay?
If the Savior came to your house to spend some time with you,
Would you be prepared to meet Him and a warm friendship renew?
Would you really know Him and long to have Him stay,
Or would you hope that He would wait and come another day?
So you could do the many things that you've been planning to,
But never seemed to have the time or take the time to do?
"If only I had know that he would come today,
I really would have been prepared."
Are these words you might say?
"Please give me but another day and I will use it to prepare,
To read my scriptures faithfully, help those in need and kneel in prayer."
But no one knows when He will come.
Not the hour or the day.
And if we are to be prepared we must begin today.
To take upon us our Savior's name, come to know Him and do His will----
Look forward to His coming, each sacred scripture to fulfill.
For whether His coming for each of us, is a great or dreadful day,
Will be determined by our faithfulness and how we live each day?