Friday, June 18, 2010


If I was a season... I'd be summer.

If I was a peice of furniture... I'd be a porch swing.

If I was a country... I'd be Scotland.

If I was a food... I'd be a raspberry.

If I was a flower... I'd be a daisy.

If I was a song... I'd be American Honey, by Lady A.

If I was an instrument... I'd be an acoustic guitar.

If I was a color... I'd be purple.

If I was a letter... I'd be a love letter.

If I was a book... I'd be The Time Traveler's Wife.

If I was a time of day... I'd be dusk.

If I was a drink... I'd be apple cider.

If I was a holiday... I'd be the 4th of July.

If I was a store... I'd be a consignment shop.

If I was a word... I'd be golden.

If I was a person... I'd be me.

If I could know the future... I'd want to see my posterity.

If you could be anything... what would you be?


Lanae said...

Super cute picture Whit! I love that one of you two.

Daniel & Shandi said...

You are so cute!

scott and jessica doman said...

that is so cute. i loved reading it. did u guys get to go to the reunion>